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First Day of School

Once again, we’re back to school! I’m taking 5 classes, no big deal. I think all of my professors are kick ass, especially the professor for my final class. Got the last two classes with this sexy ass girl. She’s my girlfriend. Hi babe. Anyway, its pretty dope that not only do we have those classes together, but they’re in the same room. No need to get up and walk to another building = win!

So many freshman on campus look like they’re 12 years old. Kind of makes me in the mood for freshman hazing. But I’m way too strange for that, so I would come up with the strangest ideas. Probably traumatize the people for life.

One thing that rocks about this semester… no freshmen in my classes. That means no more dumb ass questions about simple things that should have been understood from their junior year of high school.

I’m in from 12:30 to 7:40 straight. The babe decided to be a daredevil and drag it out from 9:30 to 7:40. Good thing is we only have school Monday and Wednesday. I don’t see how she’s going to maintain sanity this year between those long days and working, but I’ll be by her side to help her woosah and apply her eye vegetables.

Our last class, Anthropology & the Abnormal, is taught by a professor who is, according to Rate My Professor, “kick ass”. From what we hear, he’s supposed to be the shit. Sounds like the perfect way to end a long day. Hopefully, we can get some good laughs in along with the work.

Having classes with the babe may lead to unnecessary random laughter in the middle of something serious so..yeah…be on the lookout for some classroom shenanigans.


The Fold

Right now, in a time when I’d rather just close my eyes. Just listen to the movement.

Feel all your words in my heart until they move it. Lose it all when my eyes come to life and…

…for my life I’d choose fight before flight but I’d fly for the fight just to show you the sky.

Show you your limits, demise, and inhibit your lines from their heir and show them my fear.

Show them my terror, feed them their errors. Underestimate and trust me, you will take…

…every action I dictate to you, puppet. I love it, just fight it, say fuck it, and tough it out.

What you talk about, Willis, I talk about vivid enough to expose all your lies. Now you’re livid?

I die for this passion, my heart is a tragedy waiting to happen and now in this trap I break free of my master, the key, what they see, what I feel, it’s just two different things, so my third is a wrench in the wheels of this dream, you will fall to my tampering. Blood on this scene…

BlackBerry App Review: App Lock

This should be especially helpful to those BlackBerry owners with personal information and pictures on their phones. Admit it, we all have dirty things on our phones, unless no one likes us. It’s a given, I’d say. Sometimes, our phone end up in the hands of friends, and in the back of your mind, you make a mental note to never be too far away from your phone so that you have ample time to stop someone from seeing things they shouldn’t be seeing. God forbid an older relative sees your dirty pictures you’ve been trading with your newfound love interest. Want the perfect way to protect things without having a password lock on your whole phone? Want to lose the headache? I present to you, App Lock!

After initial setup of your password and such, when you open the application, you enter the password created and you see the screen on which you choose what you want to lock down.

Once in the application’s screen, you see the options. Native, 3rd party, email, folders. You know what that means? You can lock down anything and everything! Virtually limitless.

All you need to do to activate the lock is find an app, or in my case, a folder that you want to lock. Check it using the trackpad/trackball and back out.

You can also cycle the auto-lock and have it ask every time, just in case you want to make sure your things are always protected if you happen to leave your phone on a table for a few minutes or something.

You also have the options to choose to have the password protection when the backlight goes off or your phone lock is activated.

Also added upon installation is a LockNow button. This saves you all the time of going into the app to reactivate the lock. Just hit it from the menu, and you’re all secure.

Here’s why I love this app. If you use it to lock up a specific folder, lets say filled with pictures you want to keep private, not only does it lock this app from being tampered with or simply seen, but it also hides the folder when the SD card is explored, which gives any looker the impression that simply there is nothing to see. I like this because a folder that’s blocked sparks peoples curiosity and some nosey bastards will try to crack your password. With App Lock, that moment of curiosity can’t even be reached, which I believe is awesome.

Now this app doesn’t need to be kept on. This is something I would only activate if I knew my phone would end up in hands that kill cats, you know, the curious hands. Check the app/folder to protect it, or un-check to un-protect it. If you’re the only one touching your phone deactivate protection, if you’d like. No need in typing a password to see your own stuff.

App Lock is supported by all device, in all countries, and by all carriers. The only drawback is that, unlike all the magical apps I had when I was with android, this app is not free. If you can put out the $1.99 for it, then it’s all good. I consider it a wise investment. To explore App Lock  for yourself and download it, you can find it in the BlackBerry App World. Hope this was helpful and you enjoy the app.


New Acquisition: Blackout Chucks

I was welcoming my new pair home, but I decided to stop by and introduce you to them. These are my new Blackout Chucks. My very first pair of Chucks ever. Reason?

The babe got a pair the other day. Her’s are the low tops. I can’t take low top things, so I went with the all black mids and damn I’m feeling them. My Lakai’s served me well. Through skateboarding, running, and miles and miles and miles of walking the city with the babe they have gotten a bit on the uh, well…

Yeah… so there they are. My babies. My pride and joy. Will I still wear them? Fuck yeah, I love those bitches! Scars or not, my feet are in there like swim wear!  Unfortunately, I can never wear them in the rain unless I want to have wet socks lol.

I want to make a BBM commercial with the babe. She was my long distance consultant. I was in David Z. (New York sneaker store) and she was in Brooklyn on her way to work. I took multiple pictures, sent them to her via BBM, she approved, I bought. We do so many things with BBM beyond the standard stuff of the BBM commercials. Stay tuned for that video coming some time soon :).

But until then, welcome home my new kids. I need to name them, which I’m not sure about, but damn these shit’s are so ninja’d out!

Now all I need to do is find an original way to lace them because if you know me, you know I hate things structured and laced up. hang loose in it :D!

BlackBerry Theme: Covet

I’m not too big on theme’s to be honest with you, because I feel that many people don’t do them correctly. Sure they have the concept, but some things just don’t look good, or at least don’t look good to me. I don’t get themes from many people. In fact, in the past few months I have only gotten themes from one person, Cami.

If you remember my older BlackBerry tutorial videos for BlackBerry Empire’s YouTube channel, then you remember seeing the cool and original theme, CamiStacked Red/Blk. A simple change of wallpaper is all I did to it, which I always do, regardless of how cool it may be. I like my wallpaper to be personal.

This morning I decided that stock 5.0 wasn’t doing it for me. I go into my Twitter application and she tweets, so I visit and download and here it is, my new theme via Cami, called “Covet”.

The first thing I notice and am a bit fond of is the sleek shadow overlay.

Something else I love in themes, Today scheme. I love to be able to see my calender just by hovering.

One of the coolest things, even though she seems to not be too fond of it, OS 6.0 icons.

And just a quick shot of the custom send/receive in the BBM window. This is also custom in SMS/Email.

Overall, I give this theme a 5 out of 5. I haven’t run into any glitches, but then again I usually don’t when using her themes. The color scheme in this is red/black. I’m not sure if she will put it out in other colors, but either way, I’d say it’s still a must have and is compatible with the 9700, 96xx and my 8900 as well.

To find out more information on this theme, or to see what other themes Cami has cooking, check out Cami’s Theme Rehab.

Beware The Box

If you saw the prior blog post, you’d know how intense the box prank was. This time, I took my camera into work and we got some footage.

Although this footage is nowhere, and I mean nowhere, close to the original run, it was still funny as hell for us and just a little exclusive peak at what it’s like to work with us :).

Mobile viewers can watch it here

You Scare Me To Reeses

Tonight was definitely the home of my first true Walgreens memory, hands down!

Its nearing closing time and one of my co-workers comes in to get something. He’s not working, just needed to pick something up. So he gets it, and we’re talking but my manager pages me to call her back. He instead, pages her to joke around. She says cool, can you both come downstairs and help me out real quick.

We descend down the stairs, both clueless as to what is going on. We figured she just wants to talk about something for tomorrow. We get downstairs and she asks us to help her move this big box. We both get closer and the second we touch it, the magic begins.

One of my other co-workers is in the box. She jumps out with a Scream mask on! I barely flinch, and I’m not saying this because I’m the author, I’m just not scared by pop-out-of-nowhere stuff so easily. Creepy sounds will get me in the dark before someone jumping out will.

Anyway, as I take a step back, caught off guard, the dude that came down with me TAKES THE FUCK OFF!!! My man ran like 20 feet and onto boxes before he looked back!! If you know me, you know I laugh my ass the fuck off. I immediately hit the ground!! My manager falls over me in laughter. 2 grown ass people on the floor holding our stomachs! It was hilarious!!!!

Not only did he run, but my manager had a better view of him the entire time. She sees him jump so hard his Reeses fly out of his hand, he shuffles his feet like a cartoon character, then as he’s running he’s trying so hard to catch the Reeses. It was beautiful! We laughed so hard he got embarrassed, but he’ll live.

Now the plan is to catch everyone! Unfortunately, we didn’t tape this and the security cams aren’t in that one block so there’s no footage. But I’m taking in my camera tomorrow for round 2. Hopefully we can get some ill footage! If we do, you can bet your grandmother it’s going to be here on the my videos page, as well as have an independent post in full detail.

He may not be the one to go with to scary shit, but you damn sure better believe I know who my teammate is if we ever have a relay race!

Note: A grown man came in before that and picked up a Shake Weight and showed his wife how it works. No man should ever show a woman that he knows how to use a Shake Weight and no woman should be with a man who finds the Shake Weight to be cool.


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