So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

The Fold

Right now, in a time when I’d rather just close my eyes. Just listen to the movement.

Feel all your words in my heart until they move it. Lose it all when my eyes come to life and…

…for my life I’d choose fight before flight but I’d fly for the fight just to show you the sky.

Show you your limits, demise, and inhibit your lines from their heir and show them my fear.

Show them my terror, feed them their errors. Underestimate and trust me, you will take…

…every action I dictate to you, puppet. I love it, just fight it, say fuck it, and tough it out.

What you talk about, Willis, I talk about vivid enough to expose all your lies. Now you’re livid?

I die for this passion, my heart is a tragedy waiting to happen and now in this trap I break free of my master, the key, what they see, what I feel, it’s just two different things, so my third is a wrench in the wheels of this dream, you will fall to my tampering. Blood on this scene…


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