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New Acquisition: Blackout Chucks

I was welcoming my new pair home, but I decided to stop by and introduce you to them. These are my new Blackout Chucks. My very first pair of Chucks ever. Reason?

The babe got a pair the other day. Her’s are the low tops. I can’t take low top things, so I went with the all black mids and damn I’m feeling them. My Lakai’s served me well. Through skateboarding, running, and miles and miles and miles of walking the city with the babe they have gotten a bit on the uh, well…

Yeah… so there they are. My babies. My pride and joy. Will I still wear them? Fuck yeah, I love those bitches! Scars or not, my feet are in there like swim wear! ¬†Unfortunately, I can never wear them in the rain unless I want to have wet socks lol.

I want to make a BBM commercial with the babe. She was my long distance consultant. I was in David Z. (New York sneaker store) and she was in Brooklyn on her way to work. I took multiple pictures, sent them to her via BBM, she approved, I bought. We do so many things with BBM beyond the standard stuff of the BBM commercials. Stay tuned for that video coming some time soon :).

But until then, welcome home my new kids. I need to name them, which I’m not sure about, but damn these shit’s are so ninja’d out!

Now all I need to do is find an original way to lace them because if you know me, you know I hate things structured and laced up. hang loose in it :D!

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