So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

The Power

I’m trying hard with this forgive and forget thing. But the harder I try the more upsetting.

Is it a waste, all the time I was investing? I guess it is, so this smoke is now the best thing.

Kill me slow, let me exhale all your insults. And when I inhale, please show me how bliss feels.

I swear I’m not done. This road is too long to quit. I want my smile back. I want my style back.

I want the power that I had, that over took me. I want stability. Half of this never shook me.

I miss the pain of confusion but the strength to face to take it on and show it what made me strong.

I’m sure that this makes me wrong, but I’m begging for the passion. I want this old emotion to pretend it never happened.


Comments on: "The Power" (3)

  1. Seriously wonderful….seriously.

  2. heyy, stumble on your blog :D
    it not that hard if you try,,,,..
    just be strong and believe that you can do it :D
    anyway.. i’m inspired by ur blog

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