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First Day of School

Once again, we’re back to school! I’m taking 5 classes, no big deal. I think all of my professors are kick ass, especially the professor for my final class. Got the last two classes with this sexy ass girl. She’s my girlfriend. Hi babe. Anyway, its pretty dope that not only do we have those classes together, but they’re in the same room. No need to get up and walk to another building = win!

So many freshman on campus look like they’re 12 years old. Kind of makes me in the mood for freshman hazing. But I’m way too strange for that, so I would come up with the strangest ideas. Probably traumatize the people for life.

One thing that rocks about this semester… no freshmen in my classes. That means no more dumb ass questions about simple things that should have been understood from their junior year of high school.

I’m in from 12:30 to 7:40 straight. The babe decided to be a daredevil and drag it out from 9:30 to 7:40. Good thing is we only have school Monday and Wednesday. I don’t see how she’s going to maintain sanity this year between those long days and working, but I’ll be by her side to help her woosah and apply her eye vegetables.

Our last class, Anthropology & the Abnormal, is taught by a professor who is, according to Rate My Professor, “kick ass”. From what we hear, he’s supposed to be the shit. Sounds like the perfect way to end a long day. Hopefully, we can get some good laughs in along with the work.

Having classes with the babe may lead to unnecessary random laughter in the middle of something serious so..yeah…be on the lookout for some classroom shenanigans.

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