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Never Wrong

(Note: I want this one to be remembered distinctly from all
the others. Every couple has their tough times. Sometimes
they feud with each other. Other times,they have people
feud against them. The way I see it, no one is an innocent
bystander. No one is a victim. We’re all just ready for war.
But when that time comes you either stand alone or stand
together in the face of adversity.It’s not about winning,
its not about losing. It’s about unity, love, sacrifice,
and the one simple fact: we never let anything, or anyone,
come between us. This one is dedicated especially to you
Crystal. Just as a reminder. When everyone else fails,
I’ll always be right here by your side. I love you.)


Honestly, I’ll never be your Super Man. I prefer to not save you and fly off into the darkness.

I’d rather be your boyfriend, standing next to you regardless…

…of who tries to come between us; one thing never leaves us.

Love, and I’ll testify to it, stand through the pain to it,

point the artist to my heart, tattoo your name through it.

Ink on my soul spells your name clearly.

The world’s our canvas but I can’t paint unless you’re near me.

I feel your pain through every tear drop. I acknowledge that it hurts you

but I love you and I’d never dare stop.

I embrace you. Your flaws of perfection. Your heart, your protection I will be

until they lay me underneath…

…the surface of the earth that leaves us lost with all these humans and emotions

and they don’t really know where to throw ’em.

Bring ’em our way, ’cause I know we could face them in the storm.

You see ’cause my way… says me loving you is never wrong.


Day Dream

I don’t see what you want me to see. I’m just stuck upside of this day dream.

With my eyes closed, but vision clearer than pupils high off of Visine.

But the coolest shit that I’ve seen from my ledge of vantage, leverage…

…is the lives of humans I dealt with evolve to a spec of matter I step in.

So I burn up all of my bridges. Waves from the other side, senseless.

While they watch all in awe, vented. I decide I’d rather go swimming

in the Hudson River and let them see me. All thirsty. Why they won’t get in…

…I’m not sure but for all the stress, I’d rather not guess it.

I blink twice and I’m gone. And my car is nothing like I’m used to.

See 200 miles on the dash. 2 doors. Engine in back.

So I drive. Hit the turn signal, push to the floor, pedal won’t let through.

So I pull over just to check it, but I close the door and the next clip…

…in this dream I can’t seem to mess with. What I see is me and my greed.

Layed out in hospital bed. Tubes to nose. Heart monitor pacing.

I’m barely breathing. No one’s around to witness my life slipping.

Then a flash of red, and here I am, in the body I was just watching.

Staring at the ceiling. Praying, “God don’t let this be it!”

But my call’s not answered by any means. Guess he gave it to someone instead of me.

In my death bed, I apologize for the hard times and the harsh words.

Now I see what I spent my life on. Stuck in a room with the lights off.

Building a wall to keep the masses out but what I failed to see

is that I lost every single one of the people who tried to break it down to save me.

This is the shit I day dream…

See Through Me

So strange how you see through me without even looking. Eyes closed but your minds open.

I say the worse and you take it with a grain of salt knowing I don’t mean the words so you read in between ’em.

How is it that you see what… rather how you know what I’m thinking, I’m feeling, I’m wishing

That somehow I could stop all the bitchin’, complaining. My words lost restraint and I curse you so shameless.

Somehow you smile when I flip out. Calm when I bring the storm. Walk with me in the rain, instead of my umbrellas scorn.

And when you can’t decipher tears or just rain, that’s when I could smile even though I feel your pain.

I let the tears run out right then so you can’t tell, therefore you can’t cry into this well.

I hurt you enough to know the pain of another’s sorrow embedded in the heart of a lost tomorrow.

So tonight I plan to give you the world. That’s if you take my hand. Still want to be my girl?

Still want to be my world? I’m ready now, take me in the clouds where you dance.

I remember you too well. My life in my hands, my palm getting sweaty.

Finger on the trigger now. I miss you I’m ready… to fly with you.

Its so bad. I wish I died with you.

It’s You

My thought process is all too much non-sense. I constantly get lost in my own conscience.

I feel like I could fly without wings. I live uprooted, the flower now sings.

If you can hear my voice please just give me a sign. Let me know your attention is mine.

Once I get you close I can lull you to sleep. Experience the world in the 3rd person.

The dream that you faced from a little girl, I could make it real, I could make your heart feel what you…

…never thought existed, but baby just listen – I know what you’re thinking.

I never came to play games with you. Although we’re not perfect, we’re the frame to the picture.

I never want to lose you, you’re never gonna lose me. We lock fingers until we’re corpses.

I know it sounds a little bit morbid. But please don’t ignore it or breeze past the moral.

Point is I love you. That’s never gon’ change regardless of mood if we argue.

We’re human and since we’re all doomed then the bickering consumes everything that we stand for.

Everything we stayed for. I don’t know my purpose. But I feel it’s you I was made for.

Not Likely

I feel like all I know is pain. I guess through everything else.

At times my good side and bad side become synonymous.

Patient, now I’m in this position just to listen even though I’d rather explode and let go of inhibition.

Words trigger me easily; key to my ignition. Pistons start kicking in. My temperature rising.

My attitude, too rude, and still I make excuses. Like because you caught me in the wrong talking is just useless.

Talk but I refuse to open up until I hurt you. So you could share my devious smile witness my work through…

…the eyes of saint, the heart of new born, but actions send my words into absurd. Now when you’re on…

…you show face until you break me. I could take it but I’d rather not fake my securities. Rather face it.

So insecure I know it, so I exploit it. Let it sink in and annoy the voices that tell me otherwise.

Some people I called friends never did liked me. Lose myself to please another human? Sorry, not likely.

Hardly Two

As much as I remember we were hardly two. Felt with one heart. Saw through the same lenses.

Not to mention your words that you steady preached to me. Lost the fact – I broke walls so you could reach to me.

Now you touch me and our interaction leaves me with blisters. Can’t tell if you’re hot or cold. Hell or just winter.

I guess you’re somewhere in between the lines and the lanes of my brain so I focus to maintain…

…the sanity I have left. What it’s worth at least.

The gravity of loves scorn – what the reverse should be.

And lost to verses is my conscience, my anger, my hurt, my smile – why its gone when your names up.

Rather hate you from afar now than love you close. Glad to see you hit the bar now, above the toast.

I inspire what you retired. Lost to the locker in a hall of broken dreams and barbed wires.

And halls silence is the only thing that brings me peace of mind – serenity. That’s more than you pretend to see.

My cold heart just took flight and dearly departed and broke free so regardless of whats said, I can’t hear.

So once more, from afar I will regret you. But the lessons that I learned then, for them I can’t forget you.

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