So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Tattered Lines

I see this light in a tunnel made of walls that scream my tainted name and slander all that’s mine.

And… since tattered lines now guide me throughout the structure, I wonder if there’s any plans to take me under.

Take me deeper until I can’t see. And beg for a chance to know of what the light brings.

Feel my heart beat, but not see a damn thing. Am I living or is this a loss of vision in a dream?

I see more with my eyes closed. Is this the way it ends? Or is all in my mind closed, to late for me to mend?


I’m trying hard with this forgive and forget thing. But the harder I try the more upsetting.

Is it a waste, all the time I was investing? I guess it is, so this smoke is now the best thing.

Kill me slow, let me exhale all your insults. And when I inhale, please show me how bliss feels.

I swear I’m not done. This road is too long to quit. I want my smile back. I want my style back.

I want the power that I had, that over took me. I want stability. Half of this never shook me.

I miss the pain of confusion but the strength to face to take it on and show it what made me strong.

I’m sure that this makes me wrong, but I’m begging for the passion. I want this old emotion to pretend it never happened.

My walks alone through the city, that’s my therapy. The things around are now detached from what they meant to me.

My brain is so complex that it just cancels out. Too much noise, and I can’t figure out what that’s about.

I hear the love, but can’t feel it with my hardest try. Tin man, my armor makes it kind of hard to cry.

So I just face this world solo, guess I’m built for it. The sudden loss of emotion, right now I’d kill for it.

Just help me feel again. Just help me see again. Just let me be the friend on whom I depend for me again.

My many issues are invisible to eye. But mentally, I’m meant to be invisible but I…

Just can’t find the strength. Its like I lost my conviction. Not even feeling this life, this, my addiction.

Music is escape to me. No longer just songs. My self is distant memory. My heart is just gone.

I feed on the negative in hopes to make me stronger. But every step I make is backwards. My journey’s longer.

I feel with ears since the rest is non responsive. The nonsense in my conscience is what’s driving me so bonkers.

I can’t bring you with, even though I know I need you. My pride won’t let me pull you in. I close my eyes and see you.

Distant, but you’re there. I can’t feel you so I lose it. Your heart screams my name, but mine is deafened by the music.

Dark’s Light

She lets her heart sprout wings to feel a thought. He lets his heart shut down, to try to meet her dark.

But in this dark they walk right by each other blindly. Feeling for a body that will never meet them kindly.

To her, the light is vicious. She shies away, so timid, but still she’s optimistic and proceeds to go in search of…

the searcher who’s in search of the searcher of his worth so, determined as an earner he won’t stop until he’s finished.

The dark to him is fearful. It’s not what he’s used to. Regardless, it’s the start of what he fears and what he could lose.

His fear becomes a tear from shear terror his new fuse. The starter of a massacre. The venue is what you choose.

They trade places and now they’ve changed faces and now they can’t even be friends. One cares, but the other’s to cold to pretend.

I admit it, it pains me not to find you. As open as I know you are, as trouble as your mind is.

But that’s when I’m reminded that you deal within the lines of what’s the limit and what’s far away from timid.

Scary in your process, a monstrous epiphany of darkness. I love everything that’s your disaster.

But why is it that after the roadblock is hit, I can’t find you, myself. Is this the hand we were dealt within the last one?

I swear I close my eyes and still feel your heavy presence but I open and the mirror doesn’t agree with my sentence.

I look like I lost me. So me needs to regroup, so me and me could meet up then return to we, love.

Then we can keep the speed up. We, of course, is me but, the separation of myself and me involves a pre-nup.

You leave and half is mine, but I don’t feel who I am any longer. Me with the old me, won’t get any stronger.

At times it seems that my heart and mind just beg for a break up. So it makes me just want to close my eyes, disappointed to wake up.

So I let the flashing lights of my nightlife be my witness. Let the liquor involved break my conscience to unrecognized bits of lost ambitions and dizzying wishes until my body gets lost in the distance.

Now, I’m just left with you. I mean, left with me. Trapped in my thoughts but the music seems to be my only escape.

So I play those tapes. Play them louder until the neighbors feel every emotion I keep bottled.

Now my eyes can barely stay open. That last drink has me feeling open. I think I want to cry. I think I want to die. I think that shit’s pathetic. So I think I’ll order one more and party harder.

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