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So this what it sounds like… the doves are done crying. In fact, they’ve met death. I guess they’re un-flying.

Plummeting from sky and… jumping upside down, to reach ground, and say goodnight, friend. Thunder, please save my lighting.

Please save my love and life friend. The best I know, she is! The best I know we’ve been. It’s just we have our problems.

I break down and cry, she does too. How can we solve them? Is there really a problem or do we fear and start them?

Sometimes it’s just the mental. We fail in there we hit through… the glass basement where facing off is our worse decision.

It could be worse, but given… our past and prior yearning, our last, our higher learning, I think we have to earn it.

You be my armor I swear to karma, I’ll be yours.


My 100th Post

I made it here so quickly. It’s hard to believe it’s the 100 mark already. This only further goes to prove that I have yet to learn to shut up. If I don’t say it, I must write it. This reminds me of time they had me in the Chinese prison and… well, that’s traumatic so I won’t speak of that. I still can’t eat Chinese food. I have been classically conditioned to fear MSG, I don’t care what the packet says!

Anyway, I just want to thank EVERYONE who has supported me from the very beginning of this. I mean, way before this blog even. Some of you still follow, but most of the people didn’t follow all of my work.

Up until now, I have 2,360 views total which is okay, I’d say, for a blog I only started in June of this year. Only 3 months! Anyway, I just want to send a huge thank you to everyone who has ever supported me. Whether you’re from my past or present, all of you have had an impact on my work and my fun, whether you believe it or not.

I won’t call any names because I hate wondering if I missed someone, but honestly, you should know who you all are.

Thank you so much for rocking out with me! All the comments, feedback, retweets, and recommendations are appreciated greatly! This is what I do it for. No money. No attention. Just the love of writing and music. Hope you guys and girls enjoy.


All We’ve Stolen

I’ve told myself I refuse to be the loser of the two of us. Somebody’s going down, but it’s not me.

So now with pride and pain, hide my rain drops from my windows, my eyes, help you see you into my mental.

State of mind’s been stated fine but peace of mind I try to find in blinded times. Feeling on piano keys for conscience.

All this nonsense… takes my last breath and I am no longer me. My attitude is post-death.

My average too, it goes left. It seems I’m no longer right. If I don’t give you what I feel, then do I no longer fight?

Do I feel it in my veins, pull off on my conscience, think about it 3 times, before I even say it?

So then when I delay it, is it really the same? Is it really the game we play or is it fame?

We just live it for the moment. The past is all we’ve stolen. The future is our next heist. I’ll love you ’til my next life.

Power of Words

Don’t overestimate the power of your words, young lady. You deserve the world, don’t settle for the sewer.

Don’t settle for the 2 or 3, shoot for 15 on a scale of 10 and land on 12 because truthfully…

You earned your respect, but he fails to give you what’s yours. So take your heart back, don’t let him talk you out, don’t start that.

Let this be your epiphany. Emotions, sure they start acting. You got the bags, so order them to start packing.

Defeat mentally, the order of a small fry, who thinks small thoughts and beats you down until fall, cry…

and get attacked by your asthma. But then he’s all guy, all of sudden, like all he did was just nothing.

Don’t waste the time to try to swing back. War, you could bring that. One word, bye, and walk it out but if he brings back..

the same one two punch, he fed to you too much, slice the fuckers balls off and let him chew them slowly.

I’m sorry for the negative. I don’t condone a man hitting a woman. So please don’t be surprised, like you don’t know me.

Far From Fiction

Somehow we manage to get into the minds of opponents who notice every single move we make.

So in essence, every single move we tend to fake should be the envelope developed to seal away all their fate.

Under cake, I mean under the make up breathes a true soul. That’s what you sold to the masses.

Sowed in theĀ mattressesĀ to let them sleep on it unknowingly ’cause you we’re not willing, see…

You made my bed, I slept in, unwillingly. I’m silly for that move, but simply your past dues breathe light to the future…

…the present in past tense of wrong principality and harmful reality.

We live only to die. Die only for life. Smile to fight tears, but drop them in spite of fear.

So right here, your life line is my vein. I breath your addiction. Imagine me, far from fiction.

Kill the lights and listen.

Last Night She Dated Me

Last night, the babe decided to take ME out on a date. Such a gentleman she is :x.

We had an amazing time. Hit the city at our usual rendezvous point, Union Square. When I got there she had a blue bag in her hand and the contents of it rocked my world :D!!

Iron Man :D!!

:D Thriller!!!

We got some Chipotle (which is like sex for your taste buds) and ate on the steps and watched the weirdos of New York City go by! We’re just as weird, in our own way.

After that, a little venturing, copped some uh, beverages ;), and went to see The Expendables.

It was pure, unadulterated, shoot em up, bang bang, testosterone pumping, action. I loved it!! She thought “it was okay”. I don’t believe we watched the same movie lol. Either way, I had an amazing time and I hope she did too. Although she was sweet in all gestures, she did get a bit frisky in the theater. I like it rough. Hi baby! :D

Peace dweebs!

BlackBerry Theme: Illustrious

Here’s another one from, yet again, the only person I theme from, Cami!

She calls this one “Illustrious”. I call it “Fckn Awesome!”

Don’t judge my wallpaper. The babe hates this picture, I however feel it captures all of our magic in one shot. Anyway, Cam decided to go with the smaller, low dock instead of the standard 5.0 dock which I’m loving. Shadow overlay and one thing that’s a constant in her themes, lack of the standard battery bar. To compensate, I got what she uses since it’s far more accurate than standard BlackBerry meter, BatteryEX which is free and can be found here.

Cool background within the menu, with a nice shadow overlay and this time she decided to go with a subtle blue, as opposed to the common red. I love red/blk theming but this subtle blue is dopetastic if I do say so myself. A bit of font styling, but not too much done otherwise, which I like!

Best part for me: OS 6 icons (you should know how I feel about these).

There’s more to this theme, and more themes from Cami to explore. But don’t take my word for it. Check her out on her blog, Cami’s Theme Rehab or to just go straight to this theme, Illustrious.

If you like Cami’s work, be sure to stop by Crackberry and vote for her!

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