So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

See Through Me

So strange how you see through me without even looking. Eyes closed but your minds open.

I say the worse and you take it with a grain of salt knowing I don’t mean the words so you read in between ’em.

How is it that you see what… rather how you know what I’m thinking, I’m feeling, I’m wishing

That somehow I could stop all the bitchin’, complaining. My words lost restraint and I curse you so shameless.

Somehow you smile when I flip out. Calm when I bring the storm. Walk with me in the rain, instead of my umbrellas scorn.

And when you can’t decipher tears or just rain, that’s when I could smile even though I feel your pain.

I let the tears run out right then so you can’t tell, therefore you can’t cry into this well.

I hurt you enough to know the pain of another’s sorrow embedded in the heart of a lost tomorrow.

So tonight I plan to give you the world. That’s if you take my hand. Still want to be my girl?

Still want to be my world? I’m ready now, take me in the clouds where you dance.

I remember you too well. My life in my hands, my palm getting sweaty.

Finger on the trigger now. I miss you I’m ready… to fly with you.

Its so bad. I wish I died with you.


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  1. Wow!

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