So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

It’s You

My thought process is all too much non-sense. I constantly get lost in my own conscience.

I feel like I could fly without wings. I live uprooted, the flower now sings.

If you can hear my voice please just give me a sign. Let me know your attention is mine.

Once I get you close I can lull you to sleep. Experience the world in the 3rd person.

The dream that you faced from a little girl, I could make it real, I could make your heart feel what you…

…never thought existed, but baby just listen – I know what you’re thinking.

I never came to play games with you. Although we’re not perfect, we’re the frame to the picture.

I never want to lose you, you’re never gonna lose me. We lock fingers until we’re corpses.

I know it sounds a little bit morbid. But please don’t ignore it or breeze past the moral.

Point is I love you. That’s never gon’ change regardless of mood if we argue.

We’re human and since we’re all doomed then the bickering consumes everything that we stand for.

Everything we stayed for. I don’t know my purpose. But I feel it’s you I was made for.


Comments on: "It’s You" (4)

  1. jaquain said:

    Damn man, this is good. You’re talented. Ever consider entering competitions

    • Andrew Rowley said:

      Thanks J. I appreciate you stopping by dude. I used to hit a few spots. Possibly doing some spoken word and such this summer. Time will tell. First step is just to get back to as good as I used to be.

  2. Crystal said:

    I love this. I love you.

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