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Bad Habit

Say you don’t love me but of course I just refuse, to see between the lines of all the times you just elude.

To me you’re a vixen, I mean my addiction. I mean my prescription. I’d love to overdose.

I’d lay in comatose with painted smile upon my face and lay in style upon my grace of knowing I was the artist.

A pretty picture was painted and you depict it as the mastery of loving in disaster, see…

I love when you touch me. Hit me ’til I bleed and yell. You run through my veins, and I want you to see yourself.

You want to see my heart? If I cut it out and place it in your hands, will you show it to your friends or shove it in your pocket and begin to just pretend…

I don’t exist to you. I’m hit or miss to you. Bitch, I’m the bomb. At your heart I aim my missiles through.

Yes, through and not at it. This is the second time; (b)ad ha(b)it.

So now I’m left with time on this rooftop. Just watched my shoes drop. I have to chase them. With you, my time is wasting.


Food For Thought

She opens her eyes. She fails to see beyond the tears caused by what resides beyond her fears.

She takes love with the hold of bodybuilder. Squeeze harder and hope it all works out.

Breath shorter while blowing all the smoke out. Dreams cloudy, emotions too mouthy.

Let them talk, you just listen, let your heart be your flashlight to guide you through tonight until you crash, high.

Don’t let mistakes of another be your own fault. Don’t need a hand to support; take your own walk.

Make your own start. Let them see what you’ve become because you see through the words, through the lies.

Let it hurt. Let it build you ’til you cry it out. Let it break you down, but don’t stay down. Try it out.

When you emerge on your feet again, please walk to the mirror so you can see your friend.

It’s you and you’ll always have that one person even when your priors fail to give you reason to be admired.


So this what it sounds like… the doves are done crying. In fact, they’ve met death. I guess they’re un-flying.

Plummeting from sky and… jumping upside down, to reach ground, and say goodnight, friend. Thunder, please save my lighting.

Please save my love and life friend. The best I know, she is! The best I know we’ve been. It’s just we have our problems.

I break down and cry, she does too. How can we solve them? Is there really a problem or do we fear and start them?

Sometimes it’s just the mental. We fail in there we hit through… the glass basement where facing off is our worse decision.

It could be worse, but given… our past and prior yearning, our last, our higher learning, I think we have to earn it.

You be my armor I swear to karma, I’ll be yours.

All We’ve Stolen

I’ve told myself I refuse to be the loser of the two of us. Somebody’s going down, but it’s not me.

So now with pride and pain, hide my rain drops from my windows, my eyes, help you see you into my mental.

State of mind’s been stated fine but peace of mind I try to find in blinded times. Feeling on piano keys for conscience.

All this nonsense… takes my last breath and I am no longer me. My attitude is post-death.

My average too, it goes left. It seems I’m no longer right. If I don’t give you what I feel, then do I no longer fight?

Do I feel it in my veins, pull off on my conscience, think about it 3 times, before I even say it?

So then when I delay it, is it really the same? Is it really the game we play or is it fame?

We just live it for the moment. The past is all we’ve stolen. The future is our next heist. I’ll love you ’til my next life.

Last Night She Dated Me

Last night, the babe decided to take ME out on a date. Such a gentleman she is :x.

We had an amazing time. Hit the city at our usual rendezvous point, Union Square. When I got there she had a blue bag in her hand and the contents of it rocked my world :D!!

Iron Man :D!!

:D Thriller!!!

We got some Chipotle (which is like sex for your taste buds) and ate on the steps and watched the weirdos of New York City go by! We’re just as weird, in our own way.

After that, a little venturing, copped some uh, beverages ;), and went to see The Expendables.

It was pure, unadulterated, shoot em up, bang bang, testosterone pumping, action. I loved it!! She thought “it was okay”. I don’t believe we watched the same movie lol. Either way, I had an amazing time and I hope she did too. Although she was sweet in all gestures, she did get a bit frisky in the theater. I like it rough. Hi baby! :D

Peace dweebs!

Lone Hate

To make hate a technique for coping with vulnerability, is to make a mistake with a blade in a room of enemies.

So you become yourself and them too within this room of nightmares. But right here you end it all. You kill them by killing you.

Or that part you hate. Is it really that hard? You use it for your armor, are you proud of that guard?

Anyone who comes close you stand clear without ’em. You stand alone. You die alone. Now show them how you’re ’bout it.

Show them how you’ve learned to hate when love makes them doubt it. Show them how you’d love to make believers of these doubters.

Revel in their chants, “You can’t make it here without us!” Let them see your tears don’t exist to hit these flowers.

So when they tell you love, you continue just to hate. When they hit the gateway to your heart, let them wait.

Prove it to me! Let me see! Show me something different! If not, then I ask you, what the fucks the point of living?!

Safe From Harm

I’m my worst enemy at times, and still my best friend. I’m the curse in the dimmer light, and the sun at the end…

..of the road long ventured and cursed in admiration. To my bones, I’m disaster and your love is my vacation.

So I face you with a smile, but a heart that’s built from turmoil. The pain I can bare, but your tears are my fear.

Do I walk and stop hurting you? Or fight to keep you close? Am I positive because what we’ve become is now my host?

So it seats me to my table to be fed my own heart. I eat until content and gone far beyond my mark.

If I do this to myself, with total disregard how do I, realistically, expect to keep you safe from harm?

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