So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Never Wrong

(Note: I want this one to be remembered distinctly from all
the others. Every couple has their tough times. Sometimes
they feud with each other. Other times,they have people
feud against them. The way I see it, no one is an innocent
bystander. No one is a victim. We’re all just ready for war.
But when that time comes you either stand alone or stand
together in the face of adversity.It’s not about winning,
its not about losing. It’s about unity, love, sacrifice,
and the one simple fact: we never let anything, or anyone,
come between us. This one is dedicated especially to you
Crystal. Just as a reminder. When everyone else fails,
I’ll always be right here by your side. I love you.)


Honestly, I’ll never be your Super Man. I prefer to not save you and fly off into the darkness.

I’d rather be your boyfriend, standing next to you regardless…

…of who tries to come between us; one thing never leaves us.

Love, and I’ll testify to it, stand through the pain to it,

point the artist to my heart, tattoo your name through it.

Ink on my soul spells your name clearly.

The world’s our canvas but I can’t paint unless you’re near me.

I feel your pain through every tear drop. I acknowledge that it hurts you

but I love you and I’d never dare stop.

I embrace you. Your flaws of perfection. Your heart, your protection I will be

until they lay me underneath…

…the surface of the earth that leaves us lost with all these humans and emotions

and they don’t really know where to throw ’em.

Bring ’em our way, ’cause I know we could face them in the storm.

You see ’cause my way… says me loving you is never wrong.


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