So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Day Dream

I don’t see what you want me to see. I’m just stuck upside of this day dream.

With my eyes closed, but vision clearer than pupils high off of Visine.

But the coolest shit that I’ve seen from my ledge of vantage, leverage…

…is the lives of humans I dealt with evolve to a spec of matter I step in.

So I burn up all of my bridges. Waves from the other side, senseless.

While they watch all in awe, vented. I decide I’d rather go swimming

in the Hudson River and let them see me. All thirsty. Why they won’t get in…

…I’m not sure but for all the stress, I’d rather not guess it.

I blink twice and I’m gone. And my car is nothing like I’m used to.

See 200 miles on the dash. 2 doors. Engine in back.

So I drive. Hit the turn signal, push to the floor, pedal won’t let through.

So I pull over just to check it, but I close the door and the next clip…

…in this dream I can’t seem to mess with. What I see is me and my greed.

Layed out in hospital bed. Tubes to nose. Heart monitor pacing.

I’m barely breathing. No one’s around to witness my life slipping.

Then a flash of red, and here I am, in the body I was just watching.

Staring at the ceiling. Praying, “God don’t let this be it!”

But my call’s not answered by any means. Guess he gave it to someone instead of me.

In my death bed, I apologize for the hard times and the harsh words.

Now I see what I spent my life on. Stuck in a room with the lights off.

Building a wall to keep the masses out but what I failed to see

is that I lost every single one of the people who tried to break it down to save me.

This is the shit I day dream…


Comments on: "Day Dream" (4)

  1. Love this…I didn’t even know u wrote poetry. More more!

    • Thanks Lo! I thought you knew already. I could have sworn I told you lol. Glad you like it. There’s definitely tons more to come. I go on whatever hits me that day :)

  2. Someone else who isn’t afraid to do this. I dig this dude.

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