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Ka-Glom for BlackBerry

So lately I have gotten even more bored with my BlackBerry, however I need a reliable device and this thing is the king of reliability! After watching many videos of the game Angry Birds, I decided that I needed a game on my phone to kill the time besides BrickBreaker. Now this thing is NO COMPARISON TO THE AWESOME THAT IS ANGRY BIRDS (which will soon be on my Android device) but it is an awesome and addictive time killing, classic feeling, game. I present to you, Ka-Glom.

Ka-Glom has Classic mode, Network play (quick and easy sign up), Time Attack, and Puzzle World. It’s pretty self explanatory. I’m sure you can figure it out. Puzzle World is definitely the most challenging mode, I believe as there are something like 100 puzzles if I remember correctly.

To Ka-Glom is simple. Just match four or more jellies to make them explode. The bigger the  chain, the more points you get, as well as the same colored blocks in the vicinity being destroyed. Although this game is rather simple and very light on the graphics, it does make for an enjoyable classic gaming experience and there are even more hidden experiences to be unlocked as you progress.

Ka-Glom is available for all device on all carriers in every country with the exception of South Korea and Australia. Want to give this FREE game a try. Download it from BlackBerry App World here!

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