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Beware The Box

If you saw the prior blog post, you’d know how intense the box prank was. This time, I took my camera into work and we got some footage.

Although this footage is nowhere, and I mean nowhere, close to the original run, it was still funny as hell for us and just a little exclusive peak at what it’s like to work with us :).

Mobile viewers can watch it here


My YouTube Lives

Just a quick update to let everyone know the YouTube channel is live. To check out any of the videos the babe and I will be putting up check out the channel. I call it One Lost Tube of Ninja. Hope you enjoy all the nonsense and thanks to everyone for all of the support!!

Also, if you don’t want to go to YouTube you can always just click on the My Videos page here and the videos will be up, along with links for mobile viewers too.


Martini Red with the Team

So I told you, my followers, about the show I was doing with Kenny. I ended up meeting a few of his friends and they were all chill as fuckpackets. We had a dope time and hit the stage a little after 10:30. Here’s the video for ya! My verse starts at 2:28 in the video. It’s so dark you can barely see me. I need to get an actual video camera for more vids :). Enjoy, and thanks for all the support!

Click here for the mobile version

Night Out With the Boys +1

So my boy Joey’s birthday was a few days ago and we went out, got some drinks, and Mike and I kicked everyones ass in beer pong. 4 games and nobody wants it with us. All of the pictures will be going to my Facebook but the video is here of what happened when we left the bar and hit the drive-thru lol. Reckless ;D

Click here if you’re viewing via mobile browser

If you see us in the street

either run or video us.


Call Me McGuyver

Thanks to this lukewarm brain of mine I was able to McGuyver my way into fixing my BlackBerry trackball. Plenty have attempted to clean and have failed in the face of adversity, but not I. This is my story.

Martin Luther King had a dream. Langston Hughes had a dream deferred. I however, had a vision that one day I would be able to pwn on this stupid trackball and show it who’s boss. That day came today.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a moderator for a site called BlackBerry Empire where we try to be the best and close knit BlackBerry community out. The other day I was shooting an app review video when my trackball acted up. You can view the video here if you’re on your mobile phone or check the embedded video below.

Note: Fast forward to the 5:00 minute mark for after-credit part.

Anyway, the point is that it messed up then, got better, which I threw in after the video credits, and then messed up again just now. That’s when my inner McGuyver kicked in. I grabbed a nail clipper and took out the little blade-like part that no one ever usesĀ (or maybe that’s just me since I really don’t have bad feet and don’t need hooks to get gunk which is gross) because they don’t know what the hell its intended purpose is.

Above are jpegs of the process. Simple as hell. Lift, blow. Perverts! When you blow inside the panel or use a can of compressed air, all the dust will fly out of the phone, especially in the trackball area, freeing up your trackball if it wouldn’t move in any direction (one or at all). That 30 second task saves a lot of hassle. No calls to your service provider, no 45 minutes wasted with tech support, no purchasing of new equipment. The McGuyver way.

Now if only I had a toothpick and a rambunctious puppy, I could build myself a Honda Civic.


Dear Mr. Old Spice

It has come to my attention that now you are doing personalized videos for people on Twitter and Facebook. I would like to make a special request. I would like one commercial in which you explain to the world that ninjas rock, and theres no arguing about it. I will now begin stalking you on Twitter until I see a video with my username tagged in it or I get tired of trying. I am @ninjasteeze, so please be on the lookout for me. Thanks.

P.S. Seriously, ninjas rock socks right off of feet with 2 pairs of shoes on. That’s magical!

Update: The run is over. No more need to stalk him. My chances are gone. My spirits are broken. But oh well, time to go back to my normal nonsense. Rock on Mr. Old Spice!

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