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I Don’t Get the Point

Today I’m getting stuck with going to go see a relative of my moms. I don’t know how I feel about it. Personally, I see no use in going to see someone who has only seen me once and wants to “see” me. What’s going to happen? He’s like 60 (I think). I’ll shake his hand, we’ll talk for about 15 seconds, then the boredom will kick in like the Kool-Aid man through cheap walls.

The trip will probably be the most boring thing I’ve done with my time since when I tried to bend a spork with the power of my brain. It didn’t go as swimmingly as I had expected, to be honest.

My iPod is dead and I’m trying to charge it as much as possible in hopes of writing songs along the way.

This man may want to see me, but I’m glad my mom gets to see him. I mean, isn’t that the purpose. I feel like one of the mechanics in Willy Wonka’s factory. Nobody came to see me. They want Willie, chocolate, and to ride on oompa loompas. So why must I tag along? Either way, I don’t have the heart to tell my mom I’d rather lick a snail for 30 minutes than go on this misadventure. So, hopefully I can make the best of it.

Maybe I will get to write a song. Maybe my tweebs will keep it rocking like they usually do. Maybe the babe and I will have the most magically awesome BBM conversation of all time. Maybe Kanye West will interrupt it and tell us that he’s going to let us continue but any conversation with him is the greatest of all time. Who knows? I sure don’t. Wish me luck.

Maybe I’ll get to take my helmet out and head-butt some tourists :D!

Peace peeps.


Twitter Username Change

For those of you who had me on the old account (@ninjasteeze), I’ve cancelled that one. The new one combines the best of that username and the blog title. So now you can follow the new one @onelostninja. Please take note, this was not a simple name change. So you’d have to find me and re-follow. I think I’ll keep it like this for a while, but if you know me well you’re well aware at how fast I go through phones, email addresses, and usernames.


Back On Twitter

Hey what’s up people. Just letting you all know I’m back on Twitter and this account is titled after the blog. Check me out for updates at @OneLostPoet.

Terrorist ;D

Stay tuned!

#FF Ninja Feed

So here we go! I wanted to do something different this time with the Follow Friday shoutouts! So, being a blogger, why not put everyone on my blog so they can all get a taste of the madness? No reason to not do it is a good reason to do do it (haha do do).

First off, you should be following me on twitter! If you’re not, I will find you, and I will break your knees. Me? Yeah, I’m @ninjasteeze!

If you follow me, then you should be following the babe, Crystal, as well. We try to rock everyones socks :D @sapere__aude__!

“Elvis was a hero to most but he never did shit for me!” That was sung by Chuck D, co-signed by me, and followed up by my man @_Eaddy! Follow him if you love punk rock, crowd surfing, and drinking until you don’t recognize yourself in a mirror. Hardcore!

You got Eaddy, now meet the little person who introduced me to the awesome muthafucka! One of my long time friends from my old college @Asia_Mania!


Thanks Everyone

Hey people, humanoids, and fellow ninjas. I just wanted to put this post up to say, really, thank you to all of you who show me support on Twitter, Facebook, in my personal life, on here by commenting and subscribing to email updates, not to mention those who get the RSS feeds, and the bookmarkers ( I hope you’re out there).

Finding my way through the blog universe has been tough, funny, educational, and time consuming. But it’s people who actually take the time to read my crap, who aren’t afraid to say that the lives and rantings of strange, abnormal people amuse them, and who dig their noses in search of gold nuggets, who make it all worthwhile.

From the bottom of my blog, (or at least the bottom of this post) I thank you all and I hope to continue to bring the nonsense I call life. I’m not naming people because I don’t know you all and I would hate to leave people out just because I don’t know of them.

Peace be with you.

Take this knuckle sandwich, as well.


P.S. My tweet count is now 16,000 (and more when you read this). Check it out here!

Note: apparently after midnight my here/hear accuracy diminishes!

Spotlight Session: Ben Gillin

Hey bloggies! It pleases me to be able to do a Spotlight Session on this guy, Ben Gillin. I first ran into Ben because I saw my twitter handle had been @ replied, and I wanted to see where the link led me. I ended up finding awesome!

"I don't really try to hide it but as soon as I come home from work, I take off my pants."

Ben runs a site called Twetches. Now if you couldn’t figure out why, Twetches is the place “Where Twitter Meets Sketching”. Searching for inspiration one day, he went on a search on Twitter for “Ninja Turtles”. What he found was a tweet from me.

“I want to watch old school teenage mutant ninja turtles cartoons right NOW! #GottaGivePropsTo me!”

What he sketched got me so excited I instantly wanted it on a tee shirt. This is what I saw when I got to Twetches. Now if you click on that picture you can see the tweet I originally put out, as well as the details of the sketch Ben pumped out in what seemed like a matter of minutes. Now unless this is your first time on my blog, you should know that I <3 anything ninja related! I grew up punch drunk on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so this made me squeal like a school girl. I think the man is a freaking beast of an artist and I do hope to get this on a shirt one day, but until then let me stop teasing and take you right to the interview with the awesome, Ben Gillin!

Dear Mr. Old Spice

It has come to my attention that now you are doing personalized videos for people on Twitter and Facebook. I would like to make a special request. I would like one commercial in which you explain to the world that ninjas rock, and theres no arguing about it. I will now begin stalking you on Twitter until I see a video with my username tagged in it or I get tired of trying. I am @ninjasteeze, so please be on the lookout for me. Thanks.

P.S. Seriously, ninjas rock socks right off of feet with 2 pairs of shoes on. That’s magical!

Update: The run is over. No more need to stalk him. My chances are gone. My spirits are broken. But oh well, time to go back to my normal nonsense. Rock on Mr. Old Spice!

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