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NYC I Need You

I’m on the hunt for ninja figurines/toys. I see so many that want like 7 to 10 bucks for one, but I don’t want anything large or even medium. I want something small.

I need you, New Yorkers, to help me find a quarter machine anywhere in the city that has ninja’s available. If you do find one, please leave a comment on this post with a picture or just send me the picture via Twitter. This is no laughing matter!!

Oh also, the babe and I saw a guy asking for money with this sign on Broadway yesterday. Just know that this was me and my team. So don’t flock around!

Thank you!


Play Date

Hey what’s up everyone! Hope you all had a great morning and hopefully have a great day as well. Right now, I’m on my bed, sitting, with my helmet on, getting annoyed by my moms whistling to non-existent music, and waiting for the babe to wake up so I can ask her out on a play date. Here’s why!

I love figurines. This morning my boy Kenny posted this to my Facebook wall. Unfortunately, I don’t like to pay as much for shipping as I did the actual items. at $7+ for the figures, and over $7 for the shipping, that screams fail to me. So I hope today the babe and I can head into the city, or into some strange part of Brooklyn to find a ninja figurine to become my spokesman and vice president.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be back with more nonsense tonight, and maybe a funky adventure. Peace out everybody and try to have an awesome day! If anyone tries to ruin it, punch them in the nose and tell them I sent that via UPS.


Update: After using my brain, I remembered that I live in New York City. The flagship Kid Robot store is out here. So, I’ll just go there and get the figurines and save on the shipping and wait time :D!! Duhr.

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