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Lose You To Find Who

I had a strange experience two nights ago. The pressures of life, not too bad, came down on me. Emotions took the blunt of it. Everything piles up and sometimes the hardest thing to do is make sense of it all. Its like being dizzy and wanting to throw up but needing to solve a puzzle in order to get in the door. Bad analogy? Welcome to my life.

Its so strange how losing yourself, even if for one moment of an uncharacteristic breakdown can bring you back down to earth, where you know what is going on.

It sucks to hit the breaking point. You feel weak, hopeless, and utterly baffled by your own thoughts and emotions. You believe you feel nothing. Perhaps, you just don’t know what you feel. To not have, and to not have a clue, in regards to emotions are two different things.

All in all, the car crash seems to send the jolt you need. Then you’re back in the drivers seat. Staring in the rear view mirror. You lost yourself, but who you’ve found, a more profound reason to keep on fighting, breathing, and living, is the who. Who you were and who you are, two separate beings. Who are you now? Embrace it.

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