So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

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Shed No Tears

Do I have to build up walls just to see if you’ll break them down? Do I have to give up talking just so you hear the sound…

of my actions because they scream louder than words, in fact. Am I wrong for wanting so bad just to hurt you back?

Am I crazy? Am I just way too ambitious for the wrong things? Am I just too eager to see the consequences wrong brings?

See I bleed with a pen in my hand in hopes that you hear my heart breaking into pieces and it shatters all your hearing apparatuses and maybe now you’re battered and the shattering of silence brings your mindset to my violence.

Revel in it; kill and bury yourself with shovels in it. Dig until you can’t go any further and you hear you’ve hit my heart. Then go on your attack; that’s what you wanted from the start.

You no longer have to lie about intentions, see the fire’s out, to mention the dimensions of simplicity and what your bullshit did to me. One question!

What the fuck you ever did for me?

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