So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

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Party Harder

At times it seems that my heart and mind just beg for a break up. So it makes me just want to close my eyes, disappointed to wake up.

So I let the flashing lights of my nightlife be my witness. Let the liquor involved break my conscience to unrecognized bits of lost ambitions and dizzying wishes until my body gets lost in the distance.

Now, I’m just left with you. I mean, left with me. Trapped in my thoughts but the music seems to be my only escape.

So I play those tapes. Play them louder until the neighbors feel every emotion I keep bottled.

Now my eyes can barely stay open. That last drink has me feeling open. I think I want to cry. I think I want to die. I think that shit’s pathetic. So I think I’ll order one more and party harder.

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