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My Favorite Flavor

Never a cloudy day when you’re around. I know it from my blind love, love I know your sound.

Love, I know you’re down so before I hit the ground I know you’re gonna catch me. Know you’re gonna match me.

No you’ll never watch me walk out of your life. I’d rather hold your hand and walk you out of strife.

Tonight, we travel to a place we’ve never been. Don’t worry though, we’re still gon’ be laying in the bed.

Run your fingers through my hair, guide my tongue to your spot and scream my name out while I lick your cream out.

Flip me over, ride me. Love, my favorite flavor. Clit, nipples, and tiny dimples, you’re my angel.

Show me what your bad girl do. That bad behavior. You know, my favorite flavor.


My Inspiration

I just want to take this post to dedicate it to the person who single handedly inspired me to write once again, the babe, Crystal.

I’ve been writing for years now, and as time went by I think I have gotten progressively better. However, bad past relationships pretty much robbed me dry of happiness and the emotion it actually takes for me to write successfully. I was at the point where I decided to leave poetry alone because everything was so empty. Nothing had substance at all. I could rap bars of the most insignificant garbage, but that’s not what I enjoy. That’s not where my heart is.

Then she came along. I met her in class at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She sat two seats over from me and I would constantly stare at her in admiration, acting like I was looking out the window whenever she looked in my direction. The smoothest opening line known to man left my mouth,

This class starts at 3:35 right?

Ingenious! Yet, here we are today.

Over the past 5 months of our relationship we’ve had our ups and downs all over. We fight harder for each other than I see some couples fight who have been together for years. Notice I said fight for, not fight against! Trust me, we fight each other as well, we’re not perfect, but we¬†definitely¬†put in the most work on fighting side by side, not face to face.

Through it all, I’ve rediscovered who I used to be. She gives me this feeling that I haven’t had for years. That feeling that everyone says you never feel again after your first love. I testify, they were wrong.

She gave me a new lease on life emotionally and I’m forever thankful. There’s so much more I could type here, but if you follow my poetry, you’ll get the picture deep enough.

This post, I dedicate to you baby. For everything you’ve done. From talking, to listening, to putting me back where I need to be when I veer off course. For doing in this relationship what some people don’t do for the people they’ve been married to for years.

Thank you baby. I love you with all my heart. Head to toe. Inside and out.


What they make us to be – pure impossible. See! We’re unstoppable. What?! Can’t you feel the flames?

You heard my name. Know my reputation. No more hesitation. Love, our destination.

Lust is our sedation. Put me to sleep when you touch me, you kiss me, you fuck me, you hit me.

You drugged me. You sick me. You’re lucky you get me or trust me, my love would be ugly. You with me?

You know me like nobody ever did, nobody ever will. No body or a pill could take me to places you made for me, safely.

My heart is your heart, baby. Your pain is my pain, lately. Your stress is my stress, hate me.

You take me you know you got me. I love you. You know you shot me.

Arrow to heart killed my inner evil. Now in this one moment of clarity, I rewind. I love you to death. Dead serious. Columbine.

We Got It In Last Night

The 10th of this month will make it 5 months that the babe and I have been together. We won’t be able to celebrate on the 10th, unfortunately. This is the first time this has happened! So we celebrated early yesterday. I must say, last night was awesome!!

We decided to spend the time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn because the night scene out there is pretty wicked.

Of course, as usual we spent plenty of time walking around, just to explore the neighborhood, talk, and do what we do best – have fun!

From eating at a local spot with the worst service and the most hard-of-hearing non-deaf proprietor of all time, to almost stepping on a dead squirrel, to humping geese on walls, to tripping, to some down time, to dinner at Sea and pretty much drinking whatever we felt for… it was an amazing night and definitely one to go down for the record books. The madness was insane and you had to be there to get the full feeling but damn, for just two average not-so-average people, we get it jumping!!

For all of the picture and the nonsense be sure to check out our blog!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy 5monthiversary baby <3

Updates Updates

Okay I have plenty of updates coming through today of all the madness of the past few days so stay tuned and be sure to check out the babe and I on OUR blog: Shrine of the Silver Monkey!

My Favorite Picture of Moosh

I just found my favorite picture of her on my Photobucket. One of a handful of pictures on there that aren’t BlackBerry screen shots lol. Miss you. Thanks for being the illest, vicious, and probably most popular hamster ever!

She was such a fuckin' lady

Rock on in hammy heaven, chica!

The Toughest Thing

One of the toughest things in life can be to recognize that you aren’t as good as you think you are, and accept it, knowing it’s the truth. One of the toughest things in life is to say I’m sorry, especially when your jaded perception has left you with little clue as to where you went wrong. It doesn’t matter who said, did, broke what. The fact is that someone got hurt in the process. So I apologize.

Life changes in the blink of an eye. I’m lucky for everything I have, especially with my screwed up attitude. I take everything as a personal challenge, even the feelings of others expressed to me. I have an answer for everything. That’s what my dad used to say. I guess I really do, huh? I fire my words with little to no regard for how they may hurt another person. Completely uncalled for, I now understand. I lack respect. Respect for someones space. Respect for someones time and efforts. I admit, I do ask too much of people. There are certain things I’m very weak at. Those things, I begin to exercise today until I become stronger.

Crystal says she demands one thing – respect. Respect I haven’t given her. That kills me inside. To hear her the way she sounded broke me. I feel as if I’ve already lost her, it just takes one more push. My exes would smile reading this, as it is exactly what they were talking about. I never got it until now. I guess because I never cared like I do now. I’ve never before been afraid of someone leaving me, getting sick of me, hating me, the way I am now. I try, in general, to not let fear lead me. This situation, however, leaves me so afraid I don’t know which way to go. Hopefully, I can figure it out before it’s too late.

Between her and I, and this issue with her mom and I, this disaster has gotten far too out of hand and its about time I kill all the bullshit and step up to the plate and be a man about things. Stop viewing Crystal as my girlfriend, my possession, and start seeing her as a person, an individual with her own thoughts, feelings, actions, habits, and emotions. I wrote her mother a letter today, which I hope gets read. Only time will tell. If she never forgives me, or likes me, I guess I can deal with that. But I feel much better now to actually say something about it, say something to her, to let her know I love and respect her, as well.

All in all, I’ve realized that I’m not as good a person as I once thought I was. Nor am I as thoughtful as I once believed. Every day is a new opportunity to change something, and today is my first day on the job. I hope in time I can make a difference. Although I cannot do anything about the things I’ve done thus far, I hope to be able to create something new. Start off fresh. Maybe one day things will change for the better.

I prayed for forgiveness, I prayed for clarity. I thank God for my moment of it.

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