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My Android/BlackBerry Dilemma

Still fresh to death

Although my BlackBerry (current phone) is still fresh to death after a few years of use, I’m still attracted to all the magic of Android. This is my BlackBerry 8900 from T-Mobile USA. I haven’t done any body modifications to it, obviously, but I do have it running Asian spec OS 5.0 which has not been released for this device in America. Why it hasn’t, I’m not too sure of. This phone pwns when it comes to delivering my emails from my like 6 accounts instantly, phone quality is amazing, build quality is amazing, security is amazing, battery life fckn awesome and it “gets the job done” as a professionals phone. The OS (operating system) however is BORING! Beyond BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) there is nothing really here to make one feel special about it. It’s cool that BlackBerry OS 6.0 just dropped for the Torch 9800 but even that is far behind Android and Apple. I love reliability, but does that mean I can’t have some cool? Where’s my cool factor? When others have cool shit to show, what am I to say?

“My battery kicks your batteries ass!?

If someone said that to me I’d ask them if they have a widget for that. That’s a low blow to any BlackBerry user who knows of the other markets.

I’ve had my MyTouch 3G (former phone) for some time now. I loved this phone!! The software kicked ass straight into another universe. The hardware however… sucked like a Vegas hooker on the best Saturday night of the month.

I wish there was some way that I could get the Android guts into RIM hardware. That would be the ultimate device, in my opinion. I hope at some point HTC learns to actually make better devices strapped with better batteries. Perhaps they already have. Unfortunately, my MyTouch 3G, rooted, and running CyanogenMod 5 couldn’t stand the test. Last semester the babe and I would have class at 3:35pm. I would be at like 60 or 50% by then. That shouldn’t happen. Most nights I don’t get home until 11 or later. No charger with me, or no chance to charge = dead phone hours, hours! before I get home. That’s a fail. I wish I had the luck of David in finding phones. I would love to click my heels 3 times and find a Vibrant, just so I could sell it to salivate over the, soon to come, G2. So shweet!

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