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Play Date

Hey what’s up everyone! Hope you all had a great morning and hopefully have a great day as well. Right now, I’m on my bed, sitting, with my helmet on, getting annoyed by my moms whistling to non-existent music, and waiting for the babe to wake up so I can ask her out on a play date. Here’s why!

I love figurines. This morning my boy Kenny posted this to my Facebook wall. Unfortunately, I don’t like to pay as much for shipping as I did the actual items. at $7+ for the figures, and over $7 for the shipping, that screams fail to me. So I hope today the babe and I can head into the city, or into some strange part of Brooklyn to find a ninja figurine to become my spokesman and vice president.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be back with more nonsense tonight, and maybe a funky adventure. Peace out everybody and try to have an awesome day! If anyone tries to ruin it, punch them in the nose and tell them I sent that via UPS.


Update: After using my brain, I remembered that I live in New York City. The flagship Kid Robot store is out here. So, I’ll just go there and get the figurines and save on the shipping and wait time :D!! Duhr.

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