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Ben Gillin

Spotlight Session:

Ben Gillin

How long have you been doing sketches?

I have been sketching and creating since I can remember. I used to sit and draw for hours as a little kid, coming up with inventions and random machines that would “do” anything from make pizza to clean up your bedroom for you. I also used to build with Legos like they were going out of style. I had every piece memorized. Wow, when I just typed that and felt like a supreme geek.

How did you get such an awesome idea for a blog, in Twetches?

I was sitting on my couch trying to conjure up an idea for a drawing. I decided I’d look on Twitter at some of the comedians I follow to find a funny tweet to draw. I think the first “Twetch” was inspired by one of Rainn Wilson’s tweets. I then did a few more sketches and thought that other people would enjoy this as well so over the course of the following weekend I built the site. This was in May of 2009 so it’s been a little over a year since it’s inception.

Do you have any special preparations for your sketches? Any rituals? Do you find a tweet you like and then go chase chickens or spank celebrities to stir up the creative juices?

Normally to prepare for a tweet, I first take a look at my Inspiration Twitter List and then if I can’t find something I am really feeling I will search for a topic that I enjoy. Searching for a topic that I enjoy is how I came up with your Twetch. I searched for “Ninja Turtles” and BAM, there it was in all it’s glory, the tweet I was looking for. Then because of this Twetch entitled “Turtle TV” – we fell in love. lol.

You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. What do you do?

Normally if I can’t come up with an idea, I eat some Jelly Beans and have a beer. Then whether I come up with an idea or not, at least I’m happy. ha!

If you got suckered into a bet and you had to choose an option, would you rather walk through a conference in the Borat swimsuit or walk 3 city blocks in a speedo?

Definitely walking 3 blocks in the speedo. If I were to choose the conference in the Borat swim suit I would be limited to the amount of people that I would be able to grace with my presence.

What’s your favorite food?

Pizza. Fo’ Sho.

Do you plan to expand on your blog and try anything new with it?

I would like to be able to sell shirts or prints of a few choice Twetches. However, coming up with the funds to do so is where the problems arise.

– Is there a such thing as sketchers block, and if so, how do you deal with it? If not, do you plan on creating such phenomenon for personal gain and possibly a tv show on A&E?

Sketchers block is an occurrence only found in mere mortal sketchers. I would prefer to have a show on Lifetime, it is more my demographic.

– Why DID the chicken cross the road?!

The chicken crossed the road because it had been hitch hiking in the wrong direction. You see, the chicken had originally set out to travel west to L.A. from Austin, Texas. About 800 miles and 2 weeks later the chicken realized that he had in fact been traveling East the entire time. So the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side so that he could hitch a ride with a car that was actually headed West to L.A. As you can see this made the chicken sad, downtrodden and a bit defeated. 4 Weeks later, battered and bruised, the chicken made it to L.A. only to become a sweat shop laborer making clothing for American Apparel. Life is tough.

– Do you have any weird habits that you try to hide?

I don’t really try to hide it but as soon as I come home from work, I take off my pants.

Want some more of Ben’s pant-less shenanigans? Check him out on twitter: @bengillin & @twetches or just go to


Comments on: "Ben Gillin" (9)

  1. good stuff ninja!

  2. Awesome spotlight! Ben is on to something, I love originality and he certainly is that!

  3. YO’ Andrew! This was Awesome man! I really enjoyed it and appreciate you having me on your blog. The crew at Schipul, my job, really think what you are up to something pretty cool! I will be checking back here to see who is next in the Spotlight!

  4. Awesome Ben! You had me at “this made the chicken sad, downtrodden and a bit defeated”

  5. ameli000 said:

    This whole “spotlight sessions” is such a great idea, thanks for making my insomnia more enjoyable !

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