So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Dark’s Light

She lets her heart sprout wings to feel a thought. He lets his heart shut down, to try to meet her dark.

But in this dark they walk right by each other blindly. Feeling for a body that will never meet them kindly.

To her, the light is vicious. She shies away, so timid, but still she’s optimistic and proceeds to go in search of…

the searcher who’s in search of the searcher of his worth so, determined as an earner he won’t stop until he’s finished.

The dark to him is fearful. It’s not what he’s used to. Regardless, it’s the start of what he fears and what he could lose.

His fear becomes a tear from shear terror his new fuse. The starter of a massacre. The venue is what you choose.

They trade places and now they’ve changed faces and now they can’t even be friends. One cares, but the other’s to cold to pretend.


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