So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Beyond Comprehension

For some odd reason, beyond comprehension, it’s far easier for me to face a situation head on even when I know the outcome will be disaster than it is for me to watch it burn from a distance. Lately, there have been just way too many changes in my life. From the way I’ve felt, to the things I see, to the people I deal with. So off balance, but this is life.

Now it’s time to rebuild, but the hardest part is re-finding self. I feel like I need a map to find myself. The old me – crazy son a lady. I feel too locked down within my own mind. Rules, rules, rules – I break.

Right now, my brain is a complicated package. Things seem to make as much sense as bags of water. Fuck am I supposed to close this after the first sip? Just dump it out? That’s it?

Maybe I do need to dump everything and start off fresh. Humans annoy me. That last part was completely irrelevant, but I’m not hitting backspace. Now its just a matter of Pandora radio and headphones and the one candle that flickers until it’s almost out even though there is no cross wind in here. Paranormal Activity in my pants!

My pants are in no way affiliated with my frustrations.

Either way, myself and my pants both have some soul searching to do. I was on the edge, I hated the edge. Now I’m back in the middle of the ring and ready to fight. This is where all the magic is.

This entire post makes no sense to you if you have no clue of the events, however, I do thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my nonsense. It really means something. What that is, I am not sure of. But it means SOMETHING.



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