So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Shoplift Facial Fuzzie

Another day another dollar. Had to roll out earlier today for our 7:45am meeting that was awesomely pointless, in my opinion. Today was crazy vicious on my throat. It’s getting worse, but chugging like a gallon of orange juice a day keeps me pretty grounded all around. More xmas truck coming in, but no one buying this crap yet.

They say more money more problems. My question is, are the problems for the person with the more money or all the other motherfuckers with less money? I got a small raise, I get more shit. I’m supposed to live up to these things. Am I the only one who realizes I don’t take this shit that serious? I just happen to be a hard worker. Simple. I don’t slack.

Catching up with school is a bitch right now. I don’t know what to do. Tonight I will be pulling an all-nighter. Stocked up on green tea, cereal, and deodorant. The deodorant will not be used to keep me awake and entertained, however I will smell good.

Look at this blog post. It’s so sloppy. It’s all over the board. Today, I saw something sad at work.

I was going to buy something when I turn around and see two little kids, who couldn’t have been any older than 6 years old, boosting candy. I wait until they put the stuff in their pockets. It starts.

Excuse me. Excuse me! Hi. Why are you guys stealing candy?

They turn around and my “stern” goes limp as I see myself in these kids (minus the theft part). So I ask them why they’re stealing candy. No answer. I tell them if they want it to just ask their mom or dad. And then the pause. “Where are your parents?!” They tell me, “he’s outside.” Okay, well why the fuck is he sending 5 or 6 year olds into a store to get shit?!

I ask them politely to put the candy back. I mean come on, they’re kids! So they put it back and walk towards the back whispering when I notice they have two more things in their hands. So I ask where they were going. They said they were “putting these back”. Yeah right kid! So I ask them to bring it to me and I will put it back for them. They walk out of the store and I turn around to everyone and I’m like…

Can I legally go outside and talk to that man about him sending his kids in here to boost for him?

I don’t think I could. But gotdamn, I wanted to so bad! That’s sad when this is the shit you got your kids doing. I hate that. Some people don’t deserve the privilege of having kids. They use them as tools.

The day was sort of long, but one thing made it all worthwhile. I took a few pieces of felt and decided to cut them up after one of my co-workers found it. This was the end result lol…

This is my boy ya-mizzle. He takes himself so seriously so this made my day when he saw it ahahahahha.

Now I’m off to write papers and attempt to ignore my shoddy social life lol.

Peace’d. ;D


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