So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Bending Lines

My state of mind is bending lines between what’s the reality and what’s really a tragedy. This is life.

Or better yet, this is mine. I’m sure I’m gonna be fine. I’m sure if I just keep crying my tears will form an river.

Then I could look in and swim in my reflection. See, rejection is what made me so insensitive but since it’s been a while my armor’s now my exoskeleton.

Extra sentiment for times my words created fires. Out of fear for my words, my heart created liars.

So now I’m just on the ledge. Too narcissistic to beg. I pray for forgiveness, but middle finger my witness and tell them to mind their business even though I’m standing in it.

See me, I’m sad and timid until I’m tempted to get it. Then I make my victims wish that they never let me begin it.

Heaven’s my limit, so ima smash the gas until I hit it, or I go beyond and meet the other side.

I’m just a menace.


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