So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Food For Thought

She opens her eyes. She fails to see beyond the tears caused by what resides beyond her fears.

She takes love with the hold of bodybuilder. Squeeze harder and hope it all works out.

Breath shorter while blowing all the smoke out. Dreams cloudy, emotions too mouthy.

Let them talk, you just listen, let your heart be your flashlight to guide you through tonight until you crash, high.

Don’t let mistakes of another be your own fault. Don’t need a hand to support; take your own walk.

Make your own start. Let them see what you’ve become because you see through the words, through the lies.

Let it hurt. Let it build you ’til you cry it out. Let it break you down, but don’t stay down. Try it out.

When you emerge on your feet again, please walk to the mirror so you can see your friend.

It’s you and you’ll always have that one person even when your priors fail to give you reason to be admired.


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