So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Absurd Mindscape

Live within my mind until my mind creates absurdities then blink and then you’ll see exactly why you’ve never heard of me.

I scream in silent murmurs, in sight of villainous murders of the masses that just happen to be attracted to traffic.

So now, we play in it. Blindfolded, we lay in it. Our lies, all our deceit. All eyes are off of me.

All rise up off their seats in sight of what’s our defeat. Then cry from tempered eyes that live lies in our decease.

Desist, no more to listen to. No more a missions fool. No more emissions to distance us from the visible.

So we just keep faith, but that itself is fallible. Invisibly, we are what we never could envision. See?

What’s now the possible, was once a insane mans wet dream. So now with a set scene we yellow tape to off the premises and fail to mention this. Without imagination, we fail to see separation.

Reality, part deux.


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