So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

My Potent Mark

If heaven was visible within a mile I would be a winner, child. Cigarette in my mouth, tears rolling down but of course a little smile.

Let my demons follow me cause I know I’m getting pushed back with them. Let them hold my bag and keep the last bottle of my Jack with them.

Let my fears lead my footsteps right to the white gates. Black hoody on, black Timbs, only contrast is my off-black face.

Let my heart pound until my knees give out right in front the Lord and cut the chord, the ties between the words I preach; my lies, of course.

Let him tell me all I did and act as if I care for none and fear for one and say its not him, but the side of the other lifeline.

Not within my short lifetime did I think I’d go this close to death since most of my steps have been just the average of my open chest.

Open heart, my potent mark, my broken start in fact. Close to part the deep end; so its off in that…

I leave this earth with a mark that you see only in the dark and hope it starts a riot in my name knowing once I was close to God.


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