So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

All We’ve Stolen

I’ve told myself I refuse to be the loser of the two of us. Somebody’s going down, but it’s not me.

So now with pride and pain, hide my rain drops from my windows, my eyes, help you see you into my mental.

State of mind’s been stated fine but peace of mind I try to find in blinded times. Feeling on piano keys for conscience.

All this nonsense… takes my last breath and I am no longer me. My attitude is post-death.

My average too, it goes left. It seems I’m no longer right. If I don’t give you what I feel, then do I no longer fight?

Do I feel it in my veins, pull off on my conscience, think about it 3 times, before I even say it?

So then when I delay it, is it really the same? Is it really the game we play or is it fame?

We just live it for the moment. The past is all we’ve stolen. The future is our next heist. I’ll love you ’til my next life.


Comments on: "All We’ve Stolen" (2)

  1. Andrew-
    I am always so touched by your poetry. That’s what happens when people can share their soul through the pen. Thanks, dude!!

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