So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Power of Words

Don’t overestimate the power of your words, young lady. You deserve the world, don’t settle for the sewer.

Don’t settle for the 2 or 3, shoot for 15 on a scale of 10 and land on 12 because truthfully…

You earned your respect, but he fails to give you what’s yours. So take your heart back, don’t let him talk you out, don’t start that.

Let this be your epiphany. Emotions, sure they start acting. You got the bags, so order them to start packing.

Defeat mentally, the order of a small fry, who thinks small thoughts and beats you down until fall, cry…

and get attacked by your asthma. But then he’s all guy, all of sudden, like all he did was just nothing.

Don’t waste the time to try to swing back. War, you could bring that. One word, bye, and walk it out but if he brings back..

the same one two punch, he fed to you too much, slice the fuckers balls off and let him chew them slowly.

I’m sorry for the negative. I don’t condone a man hitting a woman. So please don’t be surprised, like you don’t know me.


Comments on: "Power of Words" (1)

  1. I want to print this out on postcards and give to EVERY girl from 12 up!

    My dad said similar things to me as I grew up. This along with so many of the other lessons learned from both parents mad me the strong woman I am today!

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