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So Far No Ninja

So far, no ninja figurine has been purchased. The babe and I took a little adventure to the Kid Robot store in SoHo and found the boxes. Only problem is, I’m not big on their shit like the, what, 30+ people waiting outside the store for a new toy release at 6pm. I only like 2 ninjas out of the collection. At $8 a piece I wasn’t in the mood to gamble and get one of the 6 I don’t like. There was no way of knowing what was in the box. What is this, Atlantic City?! I don’t want to gamble! Give me my fucking toys!

So I’m still on the hunt. I appreciate anyone reading this looking for a ninja quarter machine anywhere in the city. I’ll spend 4 bucks in that shit to get what I want.

Although I don’t have my ninja yet, I do have the elephant the babe got me :D!! He’s pretty cool. He spent the entire day in my hand from store to store. He got a handful of looks while with us. Such a stud muffin, it’s like he’s a chick magnet. You go boy!

I get ALL the girls! They love my trunk! ;D

Now if I could only successfully ninja him out! That would instantly put an end to my search. Nothing more thug life than an elephant ninja… or would he be a ninja elephant? Hmm…


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  1. I so love that you just do your thing! rock on!

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