So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

I Doubt It

Sometimes I feel… like the things I aspire to be are out of my reach and…

since the class tells me to “be real” I fail to see them.

But I still hear the words in my head when I go sleep and…

hit my pillow when I wake up from bad dreaming.

Guess I’m weak as they want me to be. Weapon concealing…

see the fire within my eyes but can they feel it?

I want you to burn every time I touch this ceiling.

Now tell me it’s made from glass when I break this bitch in..

and it shatters down with gravity to your iris.

Can you see me now? I doubt it. Like I felt when me, you doubted.


Comments on: "I Doubt It" (4)

  1. Your poems are really good. This is the second one I read and I am really impressed.

  2. Last nite I was catching up on my DSi browser! I was too lazy to keep trying to try to comment with the stylus and tiny keyboard!

    I love this one. Just keep busting at that ceiling! So much drive! the fire really comes through.

    • Lol yeah that tiny keyboard must have been annoying!

      But I’m glad you like it. I’m feeling it lately. On and off but more on than off. Determination :D!

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