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Closing and Opening

Today was the first day I opened the store so damn early. Last time I did, I was given 45 more minutes to come back to life. There I was, at 7:39am, ready for work and locked outside. I tap the glass like 4 times and out comes Elena. She’s in full zombie mode. I guess she got there a few minutes before me since she’s still in slippers.

I woke up with no energy from so little sleep since I stayed up after we closed last night. About 4 hours of sleep. I can deal with that. But a bum tummy this morning left me with no option but to pass on the breakfast. This made my day the longest of all time.

I worked from 7:45am to 3:15pm on pure fumes. Give me fumes and I’ll make you a fuckin rock star though! I needed energy quickly. So I made it. I have now officially been labelled the craziest employee in the store, but the most fun. I sang every song in the book, or rather on the store radio. Full high pitch, sounding like a girl, and walking around like I was one of Hitler’s long lost soldiers (minus the heil).

Between skipping up and down aisles like a school girl and telling people to enjoy their milk responsibly, I was dead tired! At one point I fell asleep with my forehead on a bottle of water. How I managed to balance my body on that without slamming down to the counter is beyond me.

This entire day made me really get a hang of the whole mind over matter thing. I can psyche myself into anything fairly easy. It’s the not looking at the clock part that’s hardest. Once again today, I got stuck with main. I hate main! I’d much rather be on the floor where the action is and I don’t have to deal with people asking me why the cigarettes are so expensive. You smoked a pack on the way here lady. What the hell are you acting surprised for?!

Anyway, the close to open is rough! Next time, I need to bring some proper entertainment. I am open to suggestions. Also, if you have an oompa loompa or know where I can get one so I can sit on its shoulders, please… do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you!


Comments on: "Closing and Opening" (2)

  1. So many things made me smile in this post. Keep trying to always find the fun in a bad situation!

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