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We Got It In Last Night

The 10th of this month will make it 5 months that the babe and I have been together. We won’t be able to celebrate on the 10th, unfortunately. This is the first time this has happened! So we celebrated early yesterday. I must say, last night was awesome!!

We decided to spend the time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn because the night scene out there is pretty wicked.

Of course, as usual we spent plenty of time walking around, just to explore the neighborhood, talk, and do what we do best – have fun!

From eating at a local spot with the worst service and the most hard-of-hearing non-deaf proprietor of all time, to almost stepping on a dead squirrel, to humping geese on walls, to tripping, to some down time, to dinner at Sea and pretty much drinking whatever we felt for… it was an amazing night and definitely one to go down for the record books. The madness was insane and you had to be there to get the full feeling but damn, for just two average not-so-average people, we get it jumping!!

For all of the picture and the nonsense be sure to check out our blog!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy 5monthiversary baby <3


Comments on: "We Got It In Last Night" (6)

  1. how sweet!

    too sad ur on word press, i cant follow ur blog

  2. Aww happy 5 months to both of you!! Sounds like a great night!!

  3. Having fun is the best way to grow together. Always strive to make each other smile. It will carry you through the tough times! Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

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