So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Saved By The Babe

Yesterday the babe and I decided to escape the nonsense of the real world apart from each other. We got together in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and did some relaxing. First place we hit up was Sea to get some Thai food, which was bangin’ by the way.


Food! <3

Squidward :D

After the grub-tasm we decided to head out to the water and relax. Now this is where it gets funky. Playing with her, I realized at the last second that there was a killer close by. In an insanely awkward move, I thwarted, thats right, THWARTED!, an attack on my life by… a bench. Don’t judge a bench by its texture. The bench stabbed me, and unfortunately, got away.

It’s obvious that I was in desperate need of medical attention! So my fast-acting, sexy surgeon, went with me to Duane Reade for some supplies, and she went to work. Barely clinging to life I managed to get the video camera and record. Here… it… is…

Click here for the mobile video

I barely made it back to write this.



Comments on: "Saved By The Babe" (2)

  1. Haha! Good thing your girl was there, or you definitely would’ve been history! I mean, splinters are deadly.

    LOL. Very fun blog, btw!

    • Lol yeah she’s a life saver. I had a splinter try to fight me a few years back. They must be training or something because they’ve gotten more lethal.

      And thank you very much!! I try to keep it fun and interesting :).

      Thanks for stopping by :D

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