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The Walgreens Experience

So, I’m now working at Walgreens. Not the most glamorous of jobs, but definitely gets me some okay change while in school. Fortunately this semester I’m running on Monday and Wednesday from after noon until night. Crystal is running same days, but from morning to night. She’s crazy wazy. I need to remember to give her a carry-anywhere teddy bear to give her some kind of relief during the day.

Being at WG has been a pretty cool experience considering I’ve only been there since Friday and they already have me on the floor. Holy Jesus Christmas is it torture to be behind a register all day. I’m a little bit zany, so I space out way too often. At one point I found myself singing. The lyrics? Cigarette brands. It went something like this (performed to the waltz)…

“Newports, newports, newports, newports. Can I get some cancer, in the form of some Marlboro Lights 100’s…”

The people I now work with are all cool. They all have their own little thing that makes them different, but for the most part they all have their light side. No jerks so far.

I am crazy. We’ve established this, yes? I’m already starting to turn the place out. I’ve got employees laughing harder than anyone has ever heard them laugh in the entire time they’ve been there, I have the quiet ones getting a little crazy, I do believe I’m contagious, and I even get to have some fun with customers every now and then.

Although I wish I was making a lot more money (God knows this is very true) everything is a learning experience and there are probably a few lessons just waiting to be absorbed here. So far so good, and hopefully things remain that way.

I had my first closing shift last night and damn was it a breeze! Maybe just because the only other place I’ve had to “close” is Applebee’s all those years ago and let me tell you, it stinks, literally and figuratively.

Employee discount will be going to stocking this house with food, which we all know, or should know, that I LOVE to eat. So this should be pretty kick ass when I’m ready to stock up on my grubtastic energy.

I’m off until Thursday and now I don’t even know what to do with myself. I have Brooklyn’s Finest sitting next to me because I rented it last night from the RedBox (not just any box that is red) and I have yet to even sit down to watch it. Crystal and I went to see it a while back but we were uh, (cough), distracted.

I write because I love it.

You read because you’re strange.

I love strange.


Comments on: "The Walgreens Experience" (1)

  1. msquick1 said:

    I embrace my freakness, tyvm! I love that you write strangeness!

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