So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.


[I present to you, the verse I’m laying down to Billionaire tonight. Enjoy!]

If I could just take all the madness, roll it in a ball and sell it to the pawn to receive my first billion, it’ll be more fulfilling than breathing my first air.

My first pair had the lights on the bottom, now the lights in the sky steal my attention when I watch ’em. Venting in my sentences, and hoping for some clarity. Disparity is mad at me and shows everywhere I go. Every where I show my stubled face.

So I replace it with a dream or two. So when I dream of you, it’s like swimming in the riches. Gold, diamonds, expensive linens, and cars with no limits. I’m down for the long haul baby, if you’re in it.

I know I’ve been tripping but along the way I learned some. Trust isn’t given. A heart? You gotta earn one. Deterred some, by all deferred in my nightmares, but right here I plan to change it all before the lights glare.

Unlike theirs, I keep mine on the low so I’m down to ground to like I breathe through my soles, so my soul’s sold for riches. I made my decisions. As long as you’re here my heart is a billionaire.


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