So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Sinking Deeper

I pulled you in without a thought of all the danger. I forced you to become my main chick, my right hand. And right here, where I stand, 6 feet above you, I have nothing more to say than simply that I love you.

I know its my fault. I put a flag above your life and all the nights I rubbed your belly until you slept with your hand on mine. In hindsight, that thought just makes me cry and you don’t know how much I force it in my mind to make me die.

I lost my baby and the baby she was carrying, fuck me, this is crazy, this is far more scary than my own life in jeopardy. ‘Cause if they stepped to me instead of you, I’d kill them in a heartbeat, and we’d be dead asleep.

Or who’d be dead is me. I’d rather me go and leave you with my seed though, in time you’d grow to hate me. Curse for my moves, curse my for flag, curse for the dude I shot and his retaliation back. Hate me.

Please say you hate me. You should! Come on hit me! Bitch, I said hit me! Tell me I wrong. Tell me all along you were cheating with my cousin or something. Make me me hate you. Make this pain go away.

I regret to say that I can live not without you. My life means shit to me if it’s not about you. So right here I drip my blood above your open grave. To hell and back baby, I’m eternally your slave.


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