So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

My Roaming

I find I can only think in really hard times when I’m outside walking. For some reason this helps clear my mind so much. Just to be out in the world. See, feel, smell, and just experience life itself. It clears the mind like nothing else, for me. So now, I do believe I will embark on yet another tour of the world. Specifically, Manhattan, New York.

Who knows what crazy adventures I will get into. Hopefully, after it all I have much more to write.



Comments on: "My Roaming" (4)

  1. I would go to the beach to clear my mind, but ehh too lazy to drive the 17 mins.. I just take my mind into space.

  2. msquick1 said:

    Hey, what’s happened while roaming? I saw a post, so I know you survived…What happened to your twitter account? You’ve been so melancholy and on the edge in your posts. Take time all the time you need. Work it out and come back…Please?

    • All is well now. I’m feeling MUCH better. I deleted twitter. I know I have been a bit on edge but a change has been made in my attitude, so expect more of the madness you came for :D. Thanks for supporting so much and following. I tell you this like every day lol, but I appreciate it a lot!

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