So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Thy Enemy

To see beyond light is to see beyond the plain. So we fix faces, appoint positions, set names.

But with a name comes a tag, and to that tag we owe our lives.

We sit in the boxes and pray for just a sign.

Commit to our sins, and use them as excuses just to find some support in dads words: “You’re useless“.

So we speculate. Lets use this. Turn it into energy. A potent enough fuel to a fool, read: your enemy.

Who pits against you in arrogance. Who sees your silence as fear.

So you sit. Watch. Wait.

The boxes… they close in, and run away. All from the sound. So here you pray.

Pray for forgiveness. Pray for the end. Pray for the day when you don’t have to pretend.

Because who you are, and who they see. Two different people.

Don’t give your all. Don’t give your love. Don’t give two fucks, about thy enemy.


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