So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Oh The Possibilities

Today I had the privilege to meet with some of the guys of Dirty Sugar Photography in hopes of doing some work with them in the future. I feel the meeting went exceptionally well, but who knows. They all seem like pretty cool dudes trying to do their thing. The location they have is freaking awesome although, if I do get the position, I will get to work from wherever I have access to a computer which is awesome!

Hopefully, the next thing you see me touching is their blog and maybe working on some other projects as well. Who knows! All I do know is things seem to be turning around out here. So much going on right now and to land this would be perfect especially with school scheduling and such.

The possibility of being paid to do what I love has me a bit on the giddy side! Just a bit. Maybe a lot of bit, but I’ll save that for when I get the job. Until then, stay tuned for more madness people. New things going on all over right now, so hopefully I can make the best of the time and opportunities and finally find my way up the ladder. This is life. Only one thing missing. If I do get in, expect me to be dumping dirty sugar into everyones Kool-Aid.

Peace in the middle

and some on the sides, too.


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