So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Relationships and business usually don’t mix. We are here to challenge this belief. Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading :)>.

Scene: Yesterday, NYC. Temperature? Sun 20 feet away, that’s the temperature!

So there we are roaming the streets of Brooklyn with our ice creams. I got out of work early with an awesome thank you from the bosses and so to continue the awesome day, I went to see my baybay. Ice cream is on the menu; her treat by the way!

Like I said, it was hot in NYC. We made it a full 2 blocks before the ice cream fantasy turned into a game of beat-the-heat. There we were, in the middle of the sidewalk, Crystal pointing her ice cream in my direction to eat it because it’s melting too fast and her mouth isn’t big enough to get as much as she needs to. This is what being a boyfriend is all about :D!!

So I commence the attack on her ice cream cone. I’m going in! I can barely swallow before more starts dripping off the cone. I make progress. Go go gadget ice cream eater! But then… mine begins dripping down too! My tiny mouthed girlfriend can only do but so much, so she does what any superhuman girlfriend would do in this situation: she started licking the ice cream off my hands!

It was a beautiful scene and after about 10 minutes and 2 blocks, since we had to stop to get all of this taken care of, we finally finished the ice cream. Well, I finished mine, then she handed me hers because she couldn’t handle it anymore lol. Sticky hands and ice cream all over lips, accessories for the time being.

Love is eating her ice cream because its melting too quickly and her mouth can’t handle it. Love is her licking ice cream off your hand because you’re busy saving her hand from ice cream. Love is stopping in the street to make all of this madness happen.

Love is life, right?

Heck yeah!


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