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The Challenge of Kind

Funny to think that when we’re upset we can say the harshest things, and act the meanest to the people we would least like to do so to. We do it anyway, though. Sometimes without warning, we just let the bullets fly then later question why. The ego is one of the hardest things to conquer. The ego can be like the cool kid in high school who would allow you to tag along on his trouble-making escapades. So he causes his trouble, but when the¬†repercussions arrive he’s nowhere in sight and there you are left to take the heat.

We say so many things letting anger lead us. Our attitudes get the best of us. I guess we shouldn’t sweat it too much, right. I mean, we’re only human. One can only expect so much. But label yourself as one. What do you expect of you? Does your performance meet your standards or do you fail after a few bumps in the road?

Sometimes the kindest things are the hardest to say in the heat of the moment. But does that make you weak? A punk for not being able to do the more challenging thing? I think so. I punked out.

Message in this bottle to my readers:

Don’t be like me. Stand up to the challenge and say something kind instead.



Comments on: "The Challenge of Kind" (2)

  1. msquick1 said:

    Are you sure you were born in ’86. You are wise beyond that.f

    • Thank you! I’m actually the go-to guy for most of my friends when they need advise. I think it’s due to me profiling everyone, including myself. I’m aiming to specialize in behavioral analysis and who better to break down at times than yourself, right? If you can conquer your own ego to see your faults without denial, you can see through most peoples BS too ;D

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