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7-Eleven From Heaven

Sadly, there is no 7-Eleven from heaven… yet! But there can be. I just need some support. Right now, I’m craving a slurpee as bad as Mike Tyson craves the ability to articulate. I’m having this conversation with Crystal about it right now and I feel like I should have the opportunity to encourage them to build one closer to my house. So close in fact, that it would be in my closet. All I want is the slurpee section. I have my own cups!!

I want the 7-Eleven people to see this post and take immediate action. This is a travesty! I have no 7-Eleven store within 10 minutes of here. Not even 15! It’s like 20! That’s 20 minutes I don’t have. So dear Mr./Mrs. 7-Eleven, please consider my request for a slurpee-only 7-Eleven built in my closet. As I stated earlier, I do have my own cups. I love your magical deliciousness! Please respond!

Failure to respond may result in me becoming a hillbilly so I may obtain a dusty pickup truck which I will use to drive into, and I don’t mean just the parking lot, I mean into a 7-Eleven where I will load the slurpee machine of excellence into the bed of the truck and drive off without getting caught.

These measures are a last resort, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Thank you.

Come again!


Comments on: "7-Eleven From Heaven" (2)

  1. msquick1 said:

    Maybe this? Actually we had one, nearly takes 20 minutes with all the prep time.

    I hope 7-11 comes through for ya!

    • Hahaha like 3 minutes after I posted this the babe found the link you just put up. We’re now dead set on getting it lol. It’s important. I consider it furniture, not just an appliance lol.

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