So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Your Last Fear

Truth is, I rather just try to live a lie than realize that when I tried I failed miserably just to fly away from what you give to me. Every part of heart, thats yours, not for my taking. Lover, my faking…

…has led us down a road where we’re confused with up-breaking, but don’t have the guts to do. How could I influence? How could I have faded? How could I, with mouth of mine, say that I made it and hope you feel the same way.

Then spit at you the same day, just knowing you’ll forgive me. But knowing if I let you go, you’d love to just forget me. Touch me baby, hit me! Just show me some emotion. You say you still love me, but it’s harder not knowing.

I piss you off to see it. Tears my validation. Then open up my arms because for that is why I waited. But that is what I made it, or rather what I made us. Fight for love, the wrong way. Staggered in the hallway.

Drunk because I know you could do so much better than me. And in fact, you deserve it, so my purpose…

…to rid you of your nightmare and take my life right here. When you find me in the morning, please relase your last tear. Because from this moment on I will be your last fear.

I love you.

Fly away now.

You’re free.


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