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Robocop Pwns On Life

Strange to be in the year 2010, watching a movie made in 1987, being born in 1986, and still enjoying this shit like it just came out! It’s so crazy to see what they thought of technology even back then, and now look where we are! We can clone sheep, track people with microchips, use a simple mobile device to basically run our lives, and yet we still can’t master this whole employment thing, huh?

Oh well. This is America so… yeah.

This movie still rocks my socks. I have no socks on. I did before it began, but they have been rocked off. This makes me feel like a kid again, minus the whole size difference thing. Anyway, if you have some spare time and you want to revisit the magic of movies made in the 80’s like I love to you should check out Robocop. Here’s a link ;D

Click me, click me! I’m a link to the movie! =D

Peace out 80s babies.


Comments on: "Robocop Pwns On Life" (2)

  1. msquick1 said:

    Thanks, dude. I feel really freekin old, now. You were born when I was graduating from H.S.??!! I feel like I should only be 24. Not it’s mirror image.

    • Lol you’re just a bit older than I am. High school, schmigh school. At least you got to experience the awesomeness of the 70’s. I’m jealous of anyone who got to experience that!

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