So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Thanks Everyone

Hey people, humanoids, and fellow ninjas. I just wanted to put this post up to say, really, thank you to all of you who show me support on Twitter, Facebook, in my personal life, on here by commenting and subscribing to email updates, not to mention those who get the RSS feeds, and the bookmarkers ( I hope you’re out there).

Finding my way through the blog universe has been tough, funny, educational, and time consuming. But it’s people who actually take the time to read my crap, who aren’t afraid to say that the lives and rantings of strange, abnormal people amuse them, and who dig their noses in search of gold nuggets, who make it all worthwhile.

From the bottom of my blog, (or at least the bottom of this post) I thank you all and I hope to continue to bring the nonsense I call life. I’m not naming people because I don’t know you all and I would hate to leave people out just because I don’t know of them.

Peace be with you.

Take this knuckle sandwich, as well.


P.S. My tweet count is now 16,000 (and more when you read this). Check it out here!

Note: apparently after midnight my here/hear accuracy diminishes!


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